East Concourse Expansion-Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Project Details

Austin Bergstrom International Airport is determined to keep pace with the extreme growth in population and business activity in Austin. Following on the heels of the Terminal East Infill project which increased passenger check-in capability and international passenger processing, ABIA immediately started work on the East Terminal Expansion project. This addition to the existing terminal will increase passenger capacity by 37% and gate capacity from 24 to 33 gates.

Universally, airport terminals are changing with wider concourses and more attention to passenger comfort and engagement. In general, the experience of travel is enhanced by entering a great and elegant room with a soaring ceiling and an active concourse. At ABIA, this elegant room is defined by structure, with precast concrete columns that establish a rectangular grid and extend to support a complex roof structure culminating 55 feet above the concourse below. The roof is delineated by sinuous pipe trusses with crisscrossed web members spanning across the concourse to the columns. The truss chords further extend through the curtain wall to support a generous cantilevered roof.

More challenges await this ever expanding airport. The Terminal Expansion extends as far to the east as land will allow. As construction is underway, ABIA is actively addressing continued increases in passengers, changing technology and limitations of the existing building - planning the next move!

  • Location
  • Austin, TX
  • Size
  • 175,000 s.f.
  • Architect
  • Gensler

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