Project Details

This pedestrian bridge, with a primary span of 80 feet and approach spans of 10 feet, connects a lakefront guest house to the owner's main residence . Inspired by the tall reeds that grow along the shores of Lake Austin, the form of the bridge recalls its natural surroundings. With simple field-made bends, 1/2-inch diameter steel bars serve as both bridge decking and guard rail. The close spacing and irregular lengths of the bars mimic the surrounding reeds and integrate the bridge with the site. The bent bars are supported on a light, arched superstructure composed of five nested five-inch diameter steel pipes that diverge gracefully between the spring-point of the main span and the abutment at the beginning of the bridge. Remarkably, the thin profile of the superstructure is made even thinner when viewed through the visual veil of "reeds." This unique bridge has been recognized with design awards by the Texas Society of Architects, American Institute of Architects, and Royal Institute of British Architecture.

  • Location
  • Austin, TX
  • Size
  • 100 ft
  • Architect
  • Miró Rivera Architects

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