Tom Calderwood

Tom Calderwood, PE

  • Senior Engineer
  • "I did not know that I wanted to be a structural engineer until a few years after I started college. I really fell in love with it after taking and excelling in a class called Statics at the university. Statics is a course that teaches you how to apply Newton’s Third Law, namely that every action requires an equal and opposite reaction. It is a relatively simple concept, but, as the course proved, its application can be incredibly challenging. Once I learned that I could combine this new-found aptitude with the chance to draw nearly every day and that the things I would work on would be real, tangible, ‘concrete’, so-to-speak, I was hooked."
  • Education
  • University of Texas at Austin - M.S. in Structural Engineering
  • University of Texas at Austin - B.S. in Architectural Engineering